Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 23: Water Survey Complete!

Today was a milestone. For the past two weeks I've been working on GPS mapping the municipal water system in the Leogane region and I finished the last leg of it this afternoon. The significance of this is that prior to HODR's involvement, no formal map, blueprint, sketch, etc existed for the water system.

I can leave Haiti knowing that I played a very small role in turning the water back on in a region inhabited by tens of thousands of people. My work was only a first step; last week HODR had a very promising meeting with a government water official about securing funds for the rehabilitation of the system, and in the coming weeks our volunteers will be providing some of the labor for digging up the damaged parts of the system and beginning the flushing and testing processes.

We have another meeting later this week on how and where we are going to start and I will update accordingly.

For the rest of the week I plan on getting my hands dirty clearing rubble from collapsed houses.

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